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life, liberty... and the pursuit of happiness:


n all fronts our liberties are being challenged by an ever enchroaching government.  As veterans and patriots we love our country and what our founding fathers gave to us some 239 years ago.

In 1765 when King George III began to impose additional taxes on the colonies, this was the driver to the origins of the American revolution when the colonials began to push back.

Today as our federal and state governments continue their massive spending and inflated budgets, the tax burden on Americans is increasing daily.  Whether it be permit fees, personal income tax, corporate tax, property tax, FICA, sales tax or other taxes, our government has a thirst for more revenues while it lines the pockets of special interest groups and an ever expanding government employee base.

Many Americans realize that we are in a death spiral and our poor economic growth, GDP to debt ratio, high unemployment and other indicators threaten our future and our way of life.  Clearly the American Dream is threatened by politicians that act in their own special interest versus what they were elected to do.

Endless scandals (Benghazi, IRS, Associated Press, NSA) are a clear signal that big government is threatening the rights granted to us by the Constitution and our founding fathers.  As American Veterans, Patriots and Three Percenters we must stand up for and protect our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and preserve our individual freedoms. Clearly the Constitution and the framework of what our founders intended for our nation is under attack.

Other constitutional rights are being threatened by a liberal agenda on a state and federal level that is focused on eliminating gun ownership and specific ammunition.  This attack on our rights has now mobilized American patriots in opposition to this gun grab.  This will not stand as the 2nd Amendment is one of the most precious gifts given to us by our founders.

As Veterans, Patriots and Three Percenters we are dedicated to preserve our rights and defend the constitution.

We are very close to a new riding year after a cold and frigid winter.  All of us are eager to get on our bikes and feel the wind and warm sun again this year

To all of our brothers, friends and supporters, have a safe riding year.

Much Love and Respect to all our Sons of Liberty brothers and all the RAC Clubs in Rochester.

Ride safe and free!



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