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The Sons of Liberty MC Logo and Patch Design are the property of the SLMC and are copyrighted.  The Sons of Liberty MC Logo and/or Patch design may not be used or reproduced unless authorized by The Sons of Liberty MC - USA, a New York Corporation.

The SLMC is not affiliated with any other Sons of Liberty group, organization, motorcycle club or riding club

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The Sons of Liberty Motorcycle Club - USA was established in Rochester, NY on July, 4 2012 and is incorporated in the State of New York as a non-profit corporation 501(c).

T he Sons of Liberty MC is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that are American Patriots dedicated to freedom and independence and what our country was founded upon which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We have chosen the long recognized name Sons of Liberty which dates back to 1765 because we love, honor and respect the freedom fought for and established for us by our founding fathers, and since maintained by those who serve our nation in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

We are a Motorcycle Club Brotherhood of Bikers who either are Active Duty U.S. Military, Veterans, or a son, grandson, brother, father or grandfather of  a U.S. Military Veteran that served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

We pledge our allegiance to the Constitution of United States of America, and the principles set forth in it by our founding fathers.

We directly support Veterans and the Groups and Organizations that lend direct support to those who have proudly served.

We believe that our liberty is being eroded by a more corrupt, intrusive and ever encroaching government that infringes itself upon the freedom granted to us by the founding fathers each and every day that has been paid for by the blood of those who have served this nation since 1765.

We are an independent organization, and do not align ourselves with any other motorcycle club and/or group.  We do recognize and respect those that share our common principles and beliefs.

The SLMC brotherhood is first and foremost based upon love and respect for our fellow patch holders who are our club brothers.

To be accepted as a brother is an honor that is achieved by only a select few. It is achieved after completing a journey and only after demonstrating loyalty & respect, integrity & honor, and dedication to the constitutional principles of our founding father's and a "Three Percenter's" patriotic and conservative viewpoint in conjunction with a passion for the motorcycling lifestyle.


ndividuals approach us to join the SLMC for three primary reasons:

  1. To belong to a Motorcycle Club Brotherhood of Veterans & Patriots  and continue the camaraderie that existed when we served in the U.S. Military or grew up with a U.S. Military lifestyle.

  2. To show support and respect for all those who have served in the US Military, and for those who continue to wear the uniform today.

  3. To Ride as Brothers with other Veterans & Patriots as  Motorcycling is their passion and lifestyle.

To become a member of the Sons of Liberty MC an individual must meet specific membership requirements in addition to being sponsored by a full patch member.

  • Be an Active Duty Service member of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Have a DD214 and served in an active duty or reserve status with full rights to veterans benefits having received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Military
  • Be the direct relative (brother, son, grandson, father or grandfather) of a U.S. Military Veteran that served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States of America
  • Possess a Valid Motorcycle License
  • Own a Harley Davidson Motorcycle 1000cc or larger
  • Maintain their club membership in good standing through active participation in the club activities and payment of club dues
  • Not be a member of another MC or Social Club other than the American Legion or VFW. 

The process of becoming a Full Patch member has two phases "Hangaround" and "Prospect"

During the Hangaround phase, an individual will participate in runs and attend club functions and activities as a guest. This gives the Hangaround the chance to evaluate their desire to belong to this SLMC brotherhood and gives the club members time to evaluate the individual's level of commitment, basic personality and compatibility with the club and our mind set

If the Hangaround is voted on and approved by the chapter members, then they become a "Prospective Member". The Prospect phase provides the Prospect with the opportunity to learn the proper conduct and protocol of a member in an MC. It also affords the members the opportunity to evaluate the Prospect as an individual they would be proud to address as and depend upon as a brother. During this time the Prospect is assigned to a sponsor, and is under the direct supervision of an experienced full patch member (sponsor)

If the Prospect successfully completes the prospect period, The Prospect then receives their full set of colors, is elevated to a full patch holder status, and is welcomed as a brother in the SLMC

Once achieving full patch status, the Prospect will have become part of a  brotherhood that is a based upon mutual love and respect and a strong sense of patriotism in the beliefs of our founding fathers and authors of the constitution

We are a motorcycle club (MC), not a riding club (RC) , motorcycle association (MA), social organization or a gang. We wear a three piece patch with a top rocker (club name) and bottom rocker (USA) with the SLMC Eagle & Crest as our center patch, A MC cube to the right if our center patch identifies us as a sanctioned motorcycle club. We ride and wear our SLMC colors with pride.  What we are is Veterans and Patriots who either served in defense of our country in either of the US Armed Forces or have a direct family member who has done so.  We would gladly serve again if required to preserve and protect the constitution of the United States and to preserve our liberty and freedom


e live and love to ride as brothers as this is our lifestyle

If you believe that this is where you belong after reviewing what we are about, then contact us and take the first step.  We don't pursue or recruit individuals to join the SLMC.  You have to want to be part of this brotherhood and demonstrate this through your initiative and actions.

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